A Bowl of Japanese Ramen in Zurich

A bowl of ramen in Zurich with a Sapporo beer at Ikoo.
A bowl of ramen + Sapporo :: lunch doesn't get much better.

No one thinks of Japanese ramen and Zurich in the same train of thought… that is, unless you’re truly obsessed with ramen like I am. After trying a bowl of ramen in Paris that tasted more like hearty chicken soup than the savory bowl of noodles I had in Japan, I got hooked on the idea of trying ramen whenever I traveled to new countries, if only for the curiosity factor. So that’s how I found myself squished on a table of locals eating a bowl of Japanese ramen in Zurich.

After scouring the internet for the “best ramen in Zurich,” I found my way to Ikoo, a dainty ramen shop just outside of Zurich’s Old Town. The cash-only spot is truly tiny, so the hostess utilizes the space by sitting parties on the same tables.

For me, a solo diner, that meant being seated on a table for four with three locals. You bet that was awkward! Eventually we started chatting and when I asked what was the least touristy thing I could do in Zurich, they responded it was exactly what we were doing. Then they asked, “why are you eating ramen in Zurich?!”  :)

Traditional Japanese tonkotsu ramen... in Zurich.
Traditional Japanese tonkotsu ramen… in Zurich.

Ikoo focuses on ramen, serving only small appetizers like edamame (8.00 CHF), gyoza (14.00 CHF) and onigiri (6.50 CHF). As for ramen, they serve the usual mix of shio, shoyu, miso, tonkotsu and tantanmen styles, ranging from 19.50 – 25.00 CHF.

And the ramen was amazing. Unlike the bowls of ramen I had in Vienna and Paris, it was pretty authentic, with a few fun twists. The savory tonkotsu broth was detailed with a slight pickled flavor and I loved the addition of sesame seeds, which I’d never had before. The noodles were cut into easy-to-slurp lengths and the seaweed was also bite-sizingly small (both pluses in my book).

Ikoo ramen Zurich menu
Ikoo’s Japanese and German menu.

There’s plenty of Swiss food you have to try in Switzerland, but if you’re craving something different (or just ramen-obsessed like me), I highly recommend venturing to Ikoo for a bowl of Japanese ramen in Zurich.

Go to Ikoo for :: a bowl of Japanese ramen in Zurich! Notes :: Cash only. The menu is in Japanese and German, but is easily deciphered for anyone who likes Japanese food. Open Monday – Friday, 11:45 am – 2:30 pm and 6 – 11 pm; Saturday – Sunday, 6 – 11 pm. Reservations for dinner only, via phone (+41 (0) 44 370 37 76).

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