Hello, I’m Kelli Nakagama.  Welcome to my blog, Random Acts of Kelliness

In April 2010 I was craving an outlet for my writing, something I love to do, so I started a blog. It began as a simple place to rant about things that upset me and ways I could help, hence the name Random Acts of Kelliness being a play on “random acts of kindness.” Soon I wrote more about food, traveling and Salt Lake City (where I lived at the time) and eventually everything else was faded out.

Now Random Acts of Kelliness is equal parts food blog + travel blog + arts and entertainment blog.

Kelli Nakagama at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, April 2014.
At the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, April 2014.

As for me, I love food but rarely cook, I am obsessed with the opera but can’t sing (or even whistle) and I’m afraid of heights.  I believe in writing thank you notes, in whiskey and wine (although not together), in being over-dressed, in collecting moments (not things), in piano as a form of therapy, in food as a way to connect with people, in red lipstick and high heels, and mostly importantly, in adventure.

In April 2015, I moved from Salt Lake City to Chicago to explore the Midwestern city through arts, entertainment and, of course, food.

Six years after starting my blog, I’m still writing about all the things I love. Enjoy!

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