Bouchon Bistro in Las Vegas

Throughout our Vegas trip we kept returning to all things French: we drank plenty of champagne, had French pastries on Friday followed by a French dinner, and finished the weekend with French brunch at Bouchon Bistro on Sunday.  I had heard good things about Bouchon and asked my friends if they’d try it with me and turns out one my friends who is a Vegas veteran, Laurin, goes there every time she visits.  Great minds must think alike!
Toasting to the end of our trip with cranberry juice + champagne.
The owner/chef of Bouchon, Thomas Keller, has been called one of the best chefs in America.  He is the genius behind the highly acclaimed restaurants, French Laundry in San Francisco (listed as one of the best 50 restaurants in the world by Restaurant Magazine) and Per Se in New York City, both three-starred Michelin restaurants.  Bouchon is his more relaxed, casual restaurant that remains true to his dedication of authentic French food.
Bouchon’s pastry basket.
We wanted to end our vacation with a bang at Bouchon and after a hectic morning, we were prepared to pamper ourselves.  And pamper we did.  We started with a basket of pastries and two bottles of champagne ($58/each).  The pastries were not your typical cinnamon roll or croissant.  These were superbly delectable French pastries with the signature taste of subtle sweetness.  As a huge cheese danish lover, my danish was unlike any I have ever had.  Rich cheese covered in flaky layers of croissant-like dough and topped with a creamy, lemony frosting.  This alone would have completed my trip.
Bouchon’s Cheese Danish.  Delicious!
For the main course, I picked the croque madame ($19), a favorite brunch item at my local favorite place, Pago (where I recently had brunch).  It is a delicious ham sandwich topped with gravy and an over-easy egg.  Meagan had the corned beef hash ($18), recommended by Laurin and Curtis, who said that it’s “the stuff dreams are made of.”  The corn beef was intensely seasoned, giving it a salty kick that paired wonderfully with the hash browns and eggs.  Curtis tried Bouchon’s signature brunch dish, chicken and waffles ($25).  I only had one bite and it was enough to have me wondering if I could possibly come back to Vegas any time soon.  There was bacon in the waffles, giving them a richness that paired surprisingly well with the grilled chicken and sweet syrup.  I’ve always wondered about the chicken and waffles phenomenon, and now I totally understand it!
Croque madame… chicken and waffles… and corn beef hash at Bouchon, Las Vegas.
In addition to the outstanding food, the service was superb.  After a weekend of less-than-admirable waiters and restaurant staff, it was refreshing to have such dedication.  Bouchon was the perfect way to end our trip on a high note and leave us all craving for more French wonderfulness.  Bouchon, you will not easily be forgotten!
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