Caputo’s Cheese & Wine Classes

Have you been to one of the cheese classes at Caputo Market & Deli yet?  If not, sign up now.  I’ve been going for years and have learned so much about cheese–and wine–that my family officially thinks I’m a cheese snob.  It’s not that the classes make you pretentious about your fromage choices, but you learn the how each cheese is made, what affects its taste and what it goes well with.

Matt Caputo sharing his knowledge and my glass of Moulin a Vent.
Held on Mondays downtown (or Tuesdays at their 15th and 15th location), the classes range from specific types of cheese (like the French cheese tastings) to cheese pairings (like cheese and salumi) and even cooking classes (like the upcoming risotto class).  The tasting classes are $25 (an additional $15 for wine) and the cooking classes are $45 (some also offer wine for an additional $15).  I think they are well worth the price, although I’ll admit that I usually end up buying a handful of cheese after the class that make the night more expensive! The whole list of upcoming classes is here.
Some of our samples at the cheese & salumi class.
On Monday I went to the cheese, wine and salumi (not to be confused with salami) pairing and was blown away (yet again) by how much I learned from Matt Caputo, who teaches the classes.  We tasted 10 different kinds of salumi, from local Creminelli’s capicolla to pata negra bellota from Fermin, Spain.  We also tried four different wines and learned from Francis Fecteau why they paired with the salumi.  We liked the class so much we signed up for the upcoming Epic Beer and Salumi pairing class the next day!
The world of cheese is such a vast place but with a resource like Caputo’s in our neighborhood–both because of the impressive selection of cheese they have and these classes–we should look at it like a challenge, not an intimidation.
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