Chicago Love

It’s no secret that I love New York City: the herds of people rushing down the street, the honking and screeching of traffic, and the smells of restaurants and garbage mixed together all create an undeniable energy that give the city its incredible character.  But this post is not about New York City, it is about my new love:  Chicago.

The view of downtown Chicago from the (dirty window of) the Hancock Tower.

When I first began planning my Chicago trip a lot of people told me how they loved Chicago, but no one could specify what particular element made the Windy City so great.  So as I explored the city last weekend, falling in love with the city more each moment, I pushed myself to pinpoint why.

Beautiful downtown Chicago along Michigan Avenue.

Chicago, by comparison, is a mix between easy-going, seaside Seattle and high-energy, big city New York.  It has all the great food, easy subway access, and amazing people of a big city, but lacks the urgentness, stinkiness, and loudness of New York and the pretentiousness, homelessness, and weirdness of San Francisco.  Oh… and it has the most attractive people I have seen in any other city I’ve been to.  (Sorry NYC, even Chicago blew you out of the water on that one!)

A little pier in downtown Chicago.

And then there’s the water.  The rivers that weave through Chicago’s skyscrapers are the finishing touches of amazement on top of an already great place.  Add to that the awesome shoreline that sits along the city and it’s breathtaking all around.  I had no idea the great lakes look like the ocean from the shore, without the salty ocean smell.

The view of Michigan Lake near the Museum Campus.
The architecture was amazing!

Reflecting back on my weekend, Meagan and I didn’t do a whole lot.  In fact, several items on our To Do lists were left unchecked.  But my favorite part of vacation is talking to the locals, walking the streets, and taking in a city’s energy and character.  Stay tuned for my full trip report.  But don’t be surprised if you can’t quite tell why I’m so in love with Chicago through my pictures and activities.  Because now I understand everyone that told me they loved Chicago but couldn’t say why–I can’t quite explain it, but I love Chi Town!

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