Chocolate and Beer Pairing @ Caputo’s Market

Did you know that chocolate and beer pair surprisingly well together?  Before you start thinking that I’d promote any kind of food with any kind of alcohol and claim it to be wonderful (like bourbon and ice cream or whiskey and cheese), bare with me.

Beer and chocolate make a great team.
I was recently invited to try beer and chocolate at Caputo’s with their staff and some other local food enthusiasts.  It featured the Mexican-style, stone-ground chocolate of Taza Chocolate and local beers by Epic Brewery, plus Caputo’s charcuterie and cheese. I’ll admit I was skeptical when I read that we’d be tasting chocolate, meat, cheese and beer all at once.  But Matt Caputo explained classic pairing of wine and chocolate actually enhances the bitterness of the wine, causing what he called “palate shock” on your tongue.  Beer, on the other hand, enhances the good flavors of the chocolate and together create a tasty sensation.
And he was right.  Sometimes the chocolate encouraged a fruity sweetness from the beer, other times the beer mellowed out the chocolate.  We even did chocolate and cheese together–a stinky cheese and a dark chocolate that together reminded me of an awesome s’more.  My favorite pairing was Epic’s Smoked & Oaked beer with Taza’s 87% Bolivian Stone Ground Chocolate.
Everyone who attended the class liked it so much that Caputo’s decided to offer the class to the public.  So you can taste what I’m talking about at The Taza Chocolate & Epic Beer pairing on September 27th at the downtown location of Caputo’s (click here to sign up).  The class is $25 plus $15 beer (don’t forget that part!).  And don’t be surprised if you see me there; I can’t wait to try all the combinations again!
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