Date Night @ Pago

Lately, my friend Meagan and I have been going out to dinner on a regular basis, what we’ve sarcastically dubbed “date nights.”  While her and I are in near-constant contact with each other via text message, our date nights allow us to discuss life face-to-face over some good food.  What’s not to enjoy?  Last week we picked Pago, one of my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City, and, as anticipated, had a wonderful evening.

Pago Salt Lake City Scallops
Our appetizer :: scallops with onion soubise, apples and fennel.


To me, Pago is comforting in its familiarity.  I’ve been going to the restaurant since the week it opened and haven’t stopped since.  It was Pago where I celebrated moving downtown, where I celebrated the two-year anniversary of a now-long-gone relationship, where my friends and I first got together for Sunday brunch and every miscellaneous moment in between.  Meagan and I weren’t celebrating anything in particular on Friday night besides a good meal and a good conversation, but having that dinner at Pago somehow made it special.

Pago Salt Lake City Burger
Pago Burger with bacon, onion, aioli and truffle frites.


I knew walking into the small, cozy restaurant late Friday night that the evening would be a success.  Simply put, it just always is at Pago.  The food is spectacular and the wine pairings take it up another notch.  My favorite thing to do at Pago, even though it runs the tab up a bit, is to pick my plates first and ask my server for a pairing recommendation.  It is spot-on every time.

Pago Salt Lake City Morgan Valley Lamb
Morgan Valley lamb with farro, smoked onion and kale.


And what better way to end a mind-blowing meal that has all of my senses maxed out with amazement than a glass of bubbles?  Sweet enough to substitute as a dessert and sparkling enough to pick me up out of my food coma.

Pago Sparkling Wine
All finished off with a glass of bubbly.

Good friend(s), good food and good conversation… that is the definition of happiness in my book.

See my full restaurant review on Pago here.

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