Diary of a Sweet Tooth

It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth.  Not just any sweet tooth, but one for pastries.  (You can throw candy to the wind.)  I want those delicious, sometimes buttery, sometimes soft (or crunchy) but always sweet, pastries.   More specifically, I really, really like cake.  I am known to drool while walking passed a bakery, to light at up with excitement at the mention of chocolate cake, and to eat cake for breakfast.  (Hey, why not?)  Pastries are my weakness.  Don’t believe me?  Here is proof that I have a real sweet tooth….
 Love at first site:  one damn good cookie in New York City, May 2009.
Last Spring while I was in New York City, I walked passed this bakery and I literally drooled the entire time.  In an attempt to save me from myself, I refused to go in.  But, as fate had it, I was actually headed in the wrong direction so I had to turn around — and right passed the bakery again.  Clearly it was a sign, so I bought myself a chocolate-dipped shortbread cookie.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!
 The look of pure excitement in New York City, July 2009.
With the memory of my Spring New York City cookie fresh in my mind, when I went back last July I kept my eye open for a bakery.  We had lunch in Chelsea at a vegan restaurant, which was surprisingly delicious.  But the real surprise was the cute bakery staring at me from across the street, called Billy’s Bakery.  I ran inside, then took a good 15 minutes deciding what to order.  (Laugh all you want, but check out this collage of pastries from their website, it’s like food porn!)  I ended up picking the AMAZING chocolate cake pictured above.  It makes me drool just remembering it!
 Chowing down on some cake at Lauren’s wedding, July 2010.
Even when I am dressed up at a formal event I can’t resist the urge to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake.  At my friends Lauren and Miker’s wedding last week I snagged a quick break for a delicious piece of Market Street Grill’s chocolate cake.  Mmmmm!
 Tiramisu in (where else?) New York City, October 2008.
Now that I’ve got everyone’s sweet tooth itching for some pastries, I’ll share my three favorite bakeries in Salt Lake City.
  • Les Madeleines, is world famous! (Seriously.)  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  stop by for their kouign amans!
  • Gourmandise has wonderful French pastries and cakes that are to die for.  This place is over seven blocks from our house, yet I will walk there at the drop of a hat for a chance to have one of their treats.  They also have good sandwiches.
  • Mini’s Cupcakes, oh how I love Mini’s.  I was never a cupcake fan until I discovered Mini’s.  (Why have a cupcake when you can have a piece of cake?!)  In fact, I think I’ll devote an entire post in the future to Mini’s.  Stay tuned!
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