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Have you ever had a meal so good that weeks, months, even years later you can close your eyes and remember exactly what it tasted like?  Have you ever eaten a dish so amazing that thinking about it years later made your taste buds drool?  I’ve had a whole handful of meals that incredible.


I was recently asked by TheBesty.com to compile a list of 10 of those most amazing meals.  TheBesty.com is a food site that where users keep track of their favorite restaurants and organize places they want to try around the world.  Thinking about the best meals I’ve ever had wasn’t easy, so for a restaurant to make the cut, my criteria was that I had to remember exactly what a dish tasted like, looked like and smelled like without thumbing through my food photos.

Dishes at Toque!, Saison, Kichisen and Neptune Oyster.
Dishes at Toque!, Saison, Kichisen and Neptune Oyster.

You can check out my list on TheBesty.com but I also wanted to include links to the posts dedicated to those meals here on Random Acts of Kelliness.  So here are the 10 Best Meals I’ve Ever Had:

    1. Toque! in Montréal :: This tasting menu is easily the best meal I’ve ever had.  I’d do just about anything to repeat it!
    2. Saison in San Francisco :: This two-starred Michelin-rated restaurant was just a little hole-in-the-wall when I experienced the tasting menu a few years ago.
    3. wd-50 in New York City :: I credit my first experience with molecular gastronomy here to throwing me into my obsession with food; I considered myself a picky eater before!
    4. Kichisen in Kyoto :: The traditional kaiseki dinner was one of the most incredible culinary journeys I’ve ever been on.
    5. Sushi Dai in Tokyo :: Arguably the best sushi in the world, standing in line for hours at 8 a.m. was completely worth it for the fresh sushi right in Tsukiji Fish Market.
    6. Neptune Oyster in Boston :: Another place that required hours in line before, this tiny seafood restaurant is the Boston in my mind.
    7. Les 400 Coups in Montréal :: My first dinner in the French Canadian city kicked off a weekend of amazing food.
    8. Avec in Chicago :: Something about this small plates wine bar tickles a smile onto my face when I think about it.
    9. Silver in Park City :: I’m not kidding when I say that I dream about the Braised Bacon with Maple Bourbon Glaze from here.
    10. Rogue 24 in Washington, D.C. :: 24 courses would make any meal memorable, but its creativity and taste definitely helped seal its spot here.
Sushi Dai, Avec, Silver and Rogue 24.
Sushi Dai, Avec, Silver and Rogue 24.

What are your most memorable meals?  What made them so fantastic?  Was it the food, the circumstances or the company?  (I went strictly based on taste, but there were a few meals that the experience and those with me definitely came to mind!)

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