First Look :: Whiskey Street in Salt Lake City

Main Street in Salt Lake City just got a lot better.  A new bar opened its doors last week, Whiskey Street, and as its name suggests, they put a heavy emphasis on whiskey.  In addition to their specialty, they offer an extensive list of international beers and high end spirits, plus a full menu of food.

The Whiskey Street sign on Main Street in Salt Lake City.
Tucked back into the buildings on Main Street, Whiskey Street is easy to miss.

Whiskey Street is located at 323 South Main Street, where the short-lived CO2 used to be (in between Eva and The Bodega).  The narrow space features a bold bar on one side, displaying bottles and bottles of spirits behind it, and booths with tables on the opposite side.  In between the two is a tall standing bar and hidden in the back are couches.  It’s laid back enough to have a relaxing drink with friends and/or enjoy a good meal.

Behind the bar, bottles of whiskey are displayed at Whiskey Street in Salt Lake City.
American, Canadian, Irish, Japanese, Scottish… whiskeys from around the world are available.

So first things first :: the whiskey.  The drink menu has several pages dedicated to whiskey alone, categorized by region.  I was surprised to see Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon ($8) listed, something I’ve never seen in Utah before.  I’m happy to report that the prices are decent, too; with most bourbons around $10/each.

The interior of Whiskey Street in Salt Lake City.
The interior of Whiskey Street.

Scotch is priced more expensive, as it is in general, but the list of those available is impressive.  Keep an eye on the price when you order, though, because while most are $9-16, a few will set you back $40/shot (like Glenlivet 25 year and Macallan 21 year) or as much as $68 (Macallan 25 year).  I’ll note that Whiskey Street also has Japanese single malts :: Yamazaki ($13 for 12 year/$22 for 18 year), Hibiki ($13) and one I’d never heard of (but loved instantly) Suntory Hakushu 12 ($13).

Parmesan truffle fries at Whiskey Street in Salt Lake City.
Parmesan truffle fries are amazing.

Now, the food.  Whiskey Street is a bar so you don’t have to order food.  But you might want to.  The appetizers and snacks are priced under $9 and are great to share between a few people to pick at while you drink.  Get the Parmesan Truffle Fries ($6), served with a house-made smoked ketchup.  They are amazingly addicting.

The roasted Shishito Peppers at Whiskey Street in Salt Lake City.
A spicy kick of peppers pairs well with whiskey.

The Roasted Shishito Pepper Poppers ($7) are served with an orange habanero whipped mascarpone sauce that balances the spiciness of the peppers and goes well with whiskey.  The Fried Pickles ($5) aren’t anything out of the ordinary, but (disclaimer) pickles aren’t really my thing.

Corned Beef Sandwich at Whiskey Street in Salt Lake City.
The corned beef sandwich tasted better than it looked.

I tried the Corned Beef Sandwich ($10), served hot on a roasted garlic baguette and more truffle fries (yay!).  (Other side options include soup, mixed green salad or caesar.)  It was surprisingly one of the best corned beef sandwiches I’ve had in Utah.  Next time I’d like to try their entrees, specifically the Pork Chop with spiced bourbon maple glaze ($17) or the Butternut Squash Risotto with prawns, pancetta and arugula ($14).

Whiskey at The Whiskey Street in Salt Lake City.
Whiskey is available “on the rock” — a giant ball of ice.

Whiskey Street is a mix between Bar X and Bourbon House, with great drinks, relaxing atmosphere and good food.  (Bourbon House and Whiskey Street share the same owners.)  The service was excellent the first night I went and shady the second, but it was also packed.  Hopefully that will improve with time and they’re able to get drinks out faster.  There isn’t a cocktail list, but I’d love to see if their bartenders can mix up anything decent, even though their focus is whiskey (and I have no problem with that).

Go to Whiskey Street :: to sip on whiskey with your friends or for a casual dinner or lunch of American food.  Notes :: Open for lunch and dinner, from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week.  Reservations are no accepted.  Friend them on facebook here.

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  • I am dying to check this place out. Definitely going soon for the food… but come summer once my kid has hatched, I’m putting this at the top of my date night requests. Not drinking isn’t hard in and of itself, but I sure miss whiskey and gin from time to time.

  • Thank you for your very clear unbiased view of this place. I have a friend coming from out of town and wanted to go to a place a little more upscale. The food recommendations seem to fit perfect for great conversation and of course whiskey. I’m not a big whiskey drinker, but I wouldn’t object to sipping on a nice glass or two. I also enjoy the fact that we have the option of dinner or what looks like amazing appetizers.

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