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Copper Onion has been a local favorite since it opened for many reasons: the cocktails are spot on, the wine list is well-rounded and the food is consistently delicious.  They recently remodeled the interior of the restaurant and added another dimension to the menu, focusing on small bites, which is all the more reason to give them a visit if you haven’t been in awhile.

A glass of Serenity at Copper Onion.

The interior remodel added a nook off the side of the restaurant tailored specifically to their bar menu, consisting of olive plates and tiny appetizers for a few dollars apiece.  In addition, they’ve added a copper ceiling, replaced their chairs and added a cozy couch-like seating area along the back wall.  All of the additions create a much more cozy atmosphere and give the restaurant some unique character.

Bites of cheese and bread.

The menu revamp is equally appealing, featuring a cheese and charcuterie selection ranging from $4-$5.  Last Sunday I went to Copper Onion specifically to order wine–and not much else.  Salt Lake City may lack a wine bar, but Copper Onion is a pretty good substitute.  We ordered the ricotta dumplings ($9; one of my favorite dishes in the whole city) and two cheeses (the gorgonzola piccante, $4, and the testun al barolo, $5), plus a bottle of Serenity Pinot Grigio ($42).  It was a perfect light meal, leaving us enough room for the main focus: dessert.

Lemon ricotta cake and coffee cake ice cream.

For dessert we picked the lemon ricotta cake, topped with crushed pistachios and accompanied by house-made vanilla ice cream ($6), a light and refreshing cake perfect for a summer evening outside, and two scoops of the house-made coffee cake ice cream (with coffee cake chunks!) ($5).

Copper Onion is now my go-to place when I want to enjoy a glass of wine on a nice patio without going to a bar, especially now that I can order a few bites of food for a few dollars or split a delicious dessert.

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