I Will Be Bigger Than Me

Update, January 2013 :: It’s funny to look back at this post, written in April 2010, because so much of my life has changed.  While many of the feelings of wanting to help and a desire to stay aware of what is going on in the world are still a part of my life, I no longer write the “Project Awareness” posts about donating (although I still donate to a different charity every month).  I don’t live in downtown Salt Lake City anymore and am no longer dating the man mentioned.  But instead of deleting this post, I wanted to keep it as a reminder of the very first blog post I ever wrote.  Here’s a look back in time!  Enjoy.

I recently realized that I’m pretty lucky. I am happy, I am healthy; I have accomplishments under my belt and obtainable goals in my head. I live in a pretty cool loft in a not-too-horrible city, with an amazing person that I adore. I have a good job that I actually enjoy; I regularly travel to cool places, and have some pretty fun hobbies.

I have always tried my best to stay aware of what is going on in the world and what has gone on in the past. I’ve always felt that being aware of other people’s suffering is important, as if it somehow brings them respect. Or maybe by being aware I feel respect toward them.

Recently I began to feel that awareness is not enough. I am not the type of person that could travel to Africa on a humanitarian mission (my red high heels wouldn’t look so good in the African savannah), so I’ve always felt that I never had the ability to make a difference. But every little bit helps, doesn’t it? If a lot of people contribute a little, the end product can be a lot. With that in mind, I have started a project.

Project Awareness: The kinks are still being worked out, but I’m optimistic that the specifics will be figured out as I go. Each month, I plan to donate money to a different charity that helps make a difference somewhere in the world. Because I’m a bit of a feminist, most of the charities will benefit women. The focus of the charities can range from domestic issues in the United States to third-world countries on the other side of the globe.

The main focus is to research one of the world’s problems each month, therefore forcing me to be aware of what is going on. Then I will provide some help through a reputable charity. If so many people around the world can live without so much, or live through so much, I can easily go without dinner at a fancy restaurant once a month.

As for this blog, it won’t consist entirely of this project, but blogging about it will help keep me on track and provide me a place to share my findings. I’m not writing about it in hopes that you’ll follow my lead and donate. I don’t expect you to donate just because I did and I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. But I will write about where I donated and what they do. Again, I feel that being aware is the first step in making a change, and making you aware helps me to accomplish my goal of making a little bit of difference in the world.

Stay tuned for my first installment of the project….


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