Luna Blanca Taqueria in Salt Lake City

The seared shrimp and escolar fish tacos at Luna Blanca Taqueria.
The seared shrimp and escolar fish tacos.

Gourmet tacos are quite the trend these days and taquerias and taco-based food trucks are popping up all around Salt Lake City to meet the demand.  Now there is another one to add to the list, Luna Blanca Taqueria, located near the mouth of the canyons on the Southeast end of the valley.  Brought to you by the same owners as Cafe Trio and Fresco, the new taqueria focuses on tacos, burritos and a long list of cocktails.

Luna Blanca Taqueria menu, margaritas and guacamole
The $5 house margarita at Luna Blanca.

Luna Blanca Taqueria is aiming to catch the crowd on its way home from the canyons as the go-to post-mountain casual eatery.  Saying that the restaurant vibe is laid back is an understatement; there is almost no decor to the place at all.  It seems cold, open and in dire need of some character.  At least the menu has some personality.  Even though it’s mostly filled with traditional Mexican favorites like tacos, quesadillas and burritos, the cocktail list has a wide range of liquors all at a reasonable price (many around the $5 mark).

Luna Blanca Taqueria guacamole

My friend and I wanted to try a handful of tacos so, after starting with a small order of guacamole ($5), we ordered four to split plus the Chile Braised Chicken Quesadilla ($8).  The quesadilla was borderline bland, made with simple shredded chicken and cheese wrapped in a tortilla with sour cream and guacamole on the side.  Even the guacamole was a bit disappointing; we actually squirted the limes from our margaritas into it to add some flavor.

The seared shrimp and escolar fish tacos at Luna Blanca Taqueria.
The seared shrimp and escolar fish tacos.

The tacos are served separately for a taco-cart feel and range from $3-3.75/each.  We started with the Fish Taco, which varies daily (Saturday night was Escolar), served with a pineapple jalapeño slaw.  The flavor wasn’t overly fishy and had just the right amount of jalapeño spiciness.  Next was the Seared Shrimp Taco, with a citrus marinade and a bit of salsa and avocado crema.  I’m usually hesitant about shrimp, but thought this was a hit.

The carnitas taco and portobello mushroom taco at Luna Blanca Taqueria.
The carnitas and portobello mushroom tacos.

For our next round we picked the Carnitas, roasted pork with cilantro and pickled onions.  Nearly flavorless, the dry pork needed some sort of sauce.  (We added the table salsa without much satisfaction.)  And our final taco was the Portobello Mushroom with roasted quinoa, roasted peppers, onions and chipotle crema.  Slightly spicy, this one had a lot of flavor and an interesting texture thanks to the mushroom and crunchy quinoa.

This was plenty of food for us, but at $3 a taco for small tacos, it could get pricy if you had a heftier appetite.  The server told us the burritos are huge, so they might be a better deal for $8/each.  Even the house margaritas, a reasonable $5, proved to be incredibly tiny, so prices and sizes seemed to vary across the board.

Go to Luna Blanca Taqueria for :: a casual bite to eat when the focus is on drinks, not food.  Note :: open for lunch (at 11 a.m.) and dinner Monday-Saturday with plans to open Sundays in the fall.  Online ordering is available via

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  • Just recently found your blog while searching for info on Bodega & I’m happy I did! I love hearing about new restaurants in town. I haven’t heard of Luna Blanca but was appreciative of your review. Mexican food is my favorite so trying new places is always fun. I’ve been a little disappointed at a few of the new taquerias and I have a difficult time paying $3-4 for a taco when I can get two or three delicious tacos at a taco cart for the same price.

    Anyway, love the blog!

    • Thank you, glad you found the blog (and, even better, that you like it!). If you go to Luna Blanca Taqueria, let me know what you think. What is your favorite Mexican place and/or taco cart in SLC?

  • I have eaten here several times and get the Chicken Burrito. I took my family there last night and was looking forward to a great meal. I again ordered the Chicken Burrito and my wife ordered the Carne Asada Burrito. They were brought to our table quickly! I cut into mine and put the first bite in my mouth and bit onto a BONE! Not a small one but a thigh bone! I couldn’t even flip it around in my mouth. I alerted the waiter and he showed it to the manager who came over to me and apologized. He asked if I wanted to finish the one I had and I told him that I was scared that there may be others. He had the waiter bring me another. I finished and it was bone free. We were done and he brought the bill over. They charged me FULL PRICE for EVERYTHING!! They even charged me $.75 for the Rice for my 1 year old. I thought after almost choking me out they would at least pick up pick up a drink or something. I will not be back. I am really unhappy about this because the food is great but if this is the way that the wait staff and management are, there is no reason to give them my business. Please make sure you check your food for bones!

    • Wow, I’m shocked about that, too. I definitely agree that the management should have done something to show that they were sorry about that happening. Especially if the bone was that big! Thank you commenting and letting me know about this!

    • Follow up 9/6/2013…

      The owner tracked me down and personally apologized for the service I received. This is well beyond what I anticipated. With and owner so hands on, I will be back…Thank you!

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