Lunch is Back at Naked Fish

Tonkotsu ramen during lunch at Naked Fish in Salt Lake City.
Tonkotsu ramen is back for lunch at Naked Fish.

Much to the dismay of downtown Salt Lake City’s working crowd, Naked Fish stopped serving lunch (namely ramen) a few months ago.  Their daytime chef left to open his own ramen shop while Naked Fish went silent during the day in the meantime.

But dry those eyes, dear friends.  Lunch is back at Naked Fish!  Ramen has returned to the menu along with the beloved bento box, done Naked Fish style (meaning: creatively delicious).

Miso soup, part of the bento box, at lunch at Naked Fish in Salt Lake City.
Miso soup comes with each bento box.

First, the ramen ($10.50).  The ramen selection has been reduced to one flavor, tonkotsu, the most traditional and popular of the bunch.  The broth is made in collaboration with Mike Fikimitsu of Kobe Japanese Cuisine and the noodles are made from the Sun Noodle Factory and flown in fresh daily.

Naked Fish has switched up a few aspects of their new ramen: the bamboo shoots are served in a slab rather than sliced and mushrooms have been added.  The broth was a little greasy for my taste and didn’t have as much of the savory umami mouth feel that I love, but I’m confident those kinks will be worked out as it’s perfected with time.

The tsukune (chicken sausage) bento box at Naked Fish in Salt Lake City.
The tsukune (chicken sausage) bento box.

Now, the bento boxes.  Meant to be a lighter option for lunch, the bento boxes are vegetable-heavy with a small serving of either salmon, beef or chicken sausage.  The vegetables will vary, but recently included chilled cauliflower, lightly flavored spinach and a cabbage salad with a peanut sauce.

The boxes also come with a small bowl of miso soup and a bowl of rice.  The chicken sausage was grilled with a nice charred edge and the beef is sous vide with awesome flavor.  I liked the variety of food and how it really was light, considering the amount.

The gyu (steak) bento box at Naked Fish in Salt Lake City.
The gyu, or steak, bento box.

The bento boxes will continue to evolve on a regular basis, as I’m sure will lunch itself as it gets perfected.  I’m excited to see where Naked Fish takes their daytime menu and especially excited that I have one more excuse to go there.

Go to Naked Fish for :: a Japanese style lunch. Don’t forget their omakase dinnerNotes :: For now, lunch is only being served Tuesday-Friday.

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