Mazza in Salt Lake City

Chateau Kefraya La Rosee du Chateau at Mazza in Salt Lake City, Utah.
This Lebanese rosé is perfect on a hot summer evening.

Mazza is one of those places that fell into my regular restaurant repertoire before I could properly dedicate a post to them.  Sure, I wrote about their amazing wine pairing dinner in the spring but what about their day-to-day menu?  When I realized that I excitedly ate there twice last week I thought it was time for a confession :: Mazza is one of my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City.

Chateau Kefraya La Rosee du Chateau at Mazza in Salt Lake City, Utah.
This Lebanese rosé is perfect on a hot summer evening.

Mazza has long been known as the place in Salt Lake City for Middle Eastern food.  Their extensive menu not only covers a ton of ground, it’s also incredibly informative, providing background, ingredients and even procedures for each dish.  It’s great not having to guess what I’m ordering, especially if the dish is something I’ve never had before.  They also have a huge selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes—a huge plus!

Labneh at Mazza in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Labneh, a yogurt dip served with pita bread.

The wine list mirrors the food menu in its extensiveness, even featuring wines from Lebanon.  Again, detailed descriptions and flavor profiles are provided.  My favorite wine is the Chateau Kefraya La Rosee du Chateau from Bekka Valley, Lebanon.  The rosé pairs perfectly with everything I’ve had at Mazza and is available by the glass ($7.50) or the bottle ($30).

Lamb and spinach dish at Mazza in Salt Lake City, Utah.
My favorite dish is the Lamb & Spinach.

Lately my go-to entree has been the Lamb & Spinach ($19), a spinach-heavy mixture of tender lamb, onions, garlic, nuts and spices served with rice.  It reminds me of the Indian dish lamb saag, but with earthier flavors.  It’s savory and comforting, but if you’re not a spinach fan it’s probably not for you.

Lamb and rice dolaa at Mazza in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Lamb and Rice Dolaa, rich and delicious.

Another great lamb dish is the Lamb & Rice Dolaa ($19), braised lamb shoulder and rice with pine nuts, almonds and a nutmeg-like richness, served with a cucumber yogurt sauce.  The dish has a heavy, wintery feel to it, but is deliciously comforting even in the summer.

Chicken & Potatoes Mutabbak at Mazza in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Chicken, potatoes and onions, oh my!

My favorite non-lamb dish (that I’ve had so far) is the Chicken & Potatoes Mutabbak ($18), tender slices of chicken, potatoes and onions baked in a zesty, sweet tamarind sauce served with rice.  My friend said it reminds her of Christmas because of the rich, cinnamon flavors and hints of orange zest.

The portions at Mazza are huge but don’t forget to leave room for dessert.  Their baklava is the best in the city.  It’s so good that I keep forgetting to take a picture of it, which is completely unlike me!  Pair it with the Whiskey White cocktail, with Cardamom bitters, orange blossom syrup and High West Silver whiskey; it’s a perfect contrast.

Go to Mazza for :: A relaxing dinner full of incredible flavors you can’t find anywhere else.  Don’t forget to order the baklava!  Note :: Their menu is very vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, plus has a ton of gluten-free options.  Reservations are available online.

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