Outdoor Dining in Salt Lake City

Fresco Italian Cafe's patio in Salt Lake City.
Fresco's charming patio.

Tis the season for being outside as much as possible, 100 degree days be damned!

That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but one of my favorite things about summer is that it’s the season for outdoor dining in Salt Lake City.  And enjoying a glass of wine and a good meal surrounded by friends on a patio is just about the sweetest thing I can think to do on a summer evening.

Fresco Italian Cafe's patio in Salt Lake City.
Fresco‘s charming patio.

Luckily Salt Lake City is full of restaurants with awesome patios.  From tiny ones tucked next to buildings to spaciously beautiful, ivy-lined ones and quaint ones that feel like a best friend’s backyard, the city’s restaurant patios cover every type for every occasion.

For a list of the best restaurant patios in Salt Lake City, check out the article I wrote for The Utah Review here.

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