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Every week in the Twitter-verse, a group of Salt Lake City food-enthusiasts join together to discuss, well, food.  Hosted by Becky of The SLC Foodie and Vanessa of She Craves, the food-based conversation known as Food Feed takes place every Thursday at 3:15 p.m. MST.  A different topic is designated every week; pasts ones include favorite local dishes, canning food and foraging for local goods.  The conversation is a great place to learn tips about food, discover new restaurants and meet fellow foodies.

A few weeks ago the topic for Food Feed was Fall desserts.  Someone brought up sweet potato pie that led to a discussion about how it varies from pumpkin pie (although similar in taste and texture) and where it was available in Salt Lake City.  Penny Ann’s Cafe chimed in the conversation, saying they’d love to bake a sweet potato pie if we promised to come try it.  As if we needed extra encouragement!  So Stephanie (of Munch I Munch), Becky and I made a lunch date for Penny Ann’s to try it out.

Penny Ann’s Cafe is a cute diner on 1800 South and Main Street.  It’s not the trendy restaurant labeling itself as a diner in decor, it’s an actual diner with big maroon booths and tiny wooden tables.  The restaurant is completely family-owned, as Penny herself explained, and most of the staff is a sibling, parent or cousin.

Penny Ann’s Cafe does not skimp on their sandwiches.


The menu has a wide range of diner favorites: sandwiches both hot and cold (they are known for the reuben), pastas, salads and soups.  And of course, pie.  They serve classics like apple and key lime and specialties like chocolate peanut butter and sweet potato.  I ordered the California Ciabatta Sandwich :: fresh roasted turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat ciabatta roll with mayonnaise and mustard ($6.99).  It was delicious.  I couldn’t believe how much stuff was packed into the sandwich!  With a side of sweet potato fries, it would have been big enough to share.  Instead I took half of it to go so I could focus on the main course: pie!

The sweet potato pie was incredible.  Baked by Penny herself a few hours before we arrived, it was slightly sweet, cinnamon-y, and rich.  It was calming and familiar but not too sweet.  The pecan topping added a nice, crunchy contrast and a nutty enhancement to the sweetness.  Immediately the three of us were contemplating placing orders for an entire pie.

Delicious sweet potato pie topped with pecans.


Penny Ann’s is the perfect place for a low-key lunch, a late-day brunch or a quick stop for a slice of pie.  Thank you again to Penny Ann’s for the specially-made pie and to Becky and Stephanie for inviting me along for lunch!

Follow Becky and/or Vanessa on twitter for the next Food Feed discussion or check out the hashtag #foodfeed next Thursday.

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