Portland Japanese Garden

I spent three days venturing through city side of Portland, experiencing the food carts, the opera and a wonderful tasting menu at Le Pigeon, and wanted to explore the nature side of Portland before returning home.  There are tons of great hikes around the Portland area (including one to a beautiful waterfall) but I was a bit short on time, so my friend and I decided to visit the Portland Japanese Garden for a glimpse of the city’s greenery.

Japanese Garden Waterfall
The peaceful beauty of Portland’s Japanese Garden.
I am inexplicably intrigued by stairs.
I find stairs inexplicably beautiful.

The Portland Japanese Garden is a short drive from downtown, nestled right in the western hills.  It consists of five distinct gardens that, collectively, are supposedly the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan.  Many of the trees were bare (it is February, after all), but the serenity and stillness of the garden did indeed remind me of my time in Japan.

Green details.
Details in every shade of green at the Portland Japanese Garden.

The gardens, waterfalls and greenery were beautiful.  I could only imagine how everything would look when full of color in the spring or fall.  There is something so peaceful about strolling through a perfectly manicured garden, with no expectations except to take in the beauty.  It was a good way to reflect on my time in Portland before heading to the airport.

Contrasting with the green background in my red coat.
Contrasting with the green background in my red coat.

Portland is a beautiful, quirky city full of Northwest charm and delicious food.  There is plenty to do and a great transportation system to get you everywhere you want to go.  And best of all, it’s a short flight from Salt Lake City.

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