Random Acts of Kelliness is Seven Years Old!

Spring blossoms along the Chicago lakefront.
Spring blossoms along the Chicago lakefront.

Today is my seventh blogiversary!! Thinking about everything I’ve written in the last year (like I usually do on my blogiversary) made me reflect on all the things I’ve experienced since 2010, when I published my first blog post.

Since the beginning of my blog, my wanderlust has only gotten more intense — I’ve traveled to 8 countries and 13 cities in the U.S. (some multiple times). My love for opera has become a full-blown obsession — I’ve seen 65 operas in 18 cities around the world (and that’s not counting the operas before 2010!). And when opera wasn’t in season, it seemed baseball was — I watched baseball in 5 stadiums (including one in Tokyo).

I’ve eaten hundreds and hundreds of incredible meals, but the ones that still stand out are Rogue 24 in Washington D.C., Kichisen in Kyoto, Dos Palillos in Barcelona, Naked Fish in Salt Lake City and Toque! in Montreal.


Beers at Oktoberfest in Munich.
Cheers! Beers at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Outside of my blog, I met dozens of amazing people I now call friends, fell in (and out of) love with two men, moved across the country by myself, lived in three different places in Chicago and have been introduced to four miniature humans otherwise known as my nieces and nephews.  :)

And in between all that, I managed to write almost 400 blog posts here on Random Acts of Kelliness.

Painted rocks at Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois.
My new mantra, as seen on the painted rocks lining Lake Michigan at Northwestern in Evanston.

Seven years feels like a lifetime, but when I think back when I nervously hovered my mouse over the PUBLISH button in April 2010, it feels like yesterday. I took a deep breath, clicked the button and hoped for the best. But I never imagined I’d still be here, seven years later, and I never even dreamed that people would actually read my posts. (Or that I’d be living in Chicago. That still blows me away!)

Rainbow cake at the Goddess and the Baker in Chicago.
A blogiversary calls for some celebratory cake, right? Like this rainbow cake at the Goddess and the Baker!

And since it’s my blogiversary, it’s always fun to note the most popular posts, which ranged from Champagne in Champagne to restaurants in Salt Lake City, with the overall most popular post still being about touring the Paris Opera House (if you can believe it).

As for me, my favorite posts this year are: heartbreak in Zurich, travel plans going wrong, where to eat in Cape Cod and Oktoberfest in Munich… with my favorite photos in dinner at Blackbird, color-changing cocktails at IO Godfrey and conversation at Under Current.

Kelli Nakagama with Chicago skyline.
I’m still in awe of my city.

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Thank you for joining this journey with me, both on my blog and in my life. It means the world to me.

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