Random Acts of Kelliness Turns Two!

Today is the second anniversary of Random Acts of Kelliness!  I can’t believe I’ve been writing and sharing my life with the world for two years!

K is for Kelliness! (Ok not really.) Wine @ Mission Cheese & Wine.

Looking Back ::  In the beginning, I never thought anyone would read my blog except for my mom and my boyfriend.  I was shocked when posts were read by strangers and continue to be surprised when posts get a lot of traffic, especially when people compliment my blog when I’m out and about in Salt Lake City.  I am incredibly flattered that people read what I write and I can’t thank all of you enough for continuing to come back to my blog.

A beautiful stairway in San Francisco last spring.

Personally, my favorite posts are The Sensual Side of Food about why food is such a integral part of life, the beautiful pictures of Saison’s tasting menu in San Francisco, and the incredible evening of the Mist Project tasting menu in SLC.

Up & Coming :: As for the future of Random Acts of Kelliness, things are evolving into a little different direction, most notably the monthly donation posts are being discontinued.  While I continue to donate to different charities every month, writing about it didn’t seem to fit with everything else on my blog.  I’m still tweaking the precise focus of the future of my blog and working on some upgrades, so stay tuned for some fun changes.

Thank you again for reading.  It means the world to me!
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