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Eva is like my happy place.  Some people crave certain comfort foods on bad days, I just crave Eva, the downtown wine and small plates bar on Main Street.  Many of the small plates are comfort foods, like the amazing mac and cheese (see below) or the spanicopita, but it’s also the casual, comfortable atmosphere that encourages relaxing after a long day.  There is always a quiet buzz and a community feel to the closely-positioned tables and their wine list has plenty of bottles under $30 so you can order a whole bottle without feeling like you’re splurging.
I was having a rough day on Tuesday (or maybe just craving Eva’s mac and cheese), so it seemed fitting to meet Meagan there after work.  The tiny restaurant was already packed with people and the noisy purr of wine-filled conversations was picking up.  We ordered three of our favorite dishes to share and opted for cocktails instead of our usual wine.  I ordered the Blood Sugar Sex Magic Cocktail: High West rye, roasted red pepper, basil and agave ($9)–deliciously refreshing, but the glass was disappointingly tiny.  Next time I’ll stick with wine.
Our first dish to arrive was the Grilled Scallops with Parsley Butter & Vegetable Ragout ($9).  The scallop dish isn’t one of Eva’s stand-out plates but we like the amount of vegetables that accompany the mollusks.  The scallops are decent, but last time we ordered the dish there were three (not just two).  The parsley butter gives a garlicky, tangy-flavored twist to the medley of mixed vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and fingerling potatoes.  It makes a good side dish but order the lobster ravioli for your main focus if you’re in a seafood mood.
Next was what we had been craving for days, the Greek Mac & Cheese ($9).  Once we discovered Eva’s mac and cheese, we knew it would forever be a staple plate there.  The cheese-infused macaroni is accompanied by little chunks of bacon and tiny bits of tomato covered in slightly crusty phyllo dough and arugula.  Rich, creamy, gooey, and simply wonderful.  The tomato and bacon flavors don’t take away from the cheesiness, but add a fun dimension and a bit of texture.  This is comfort food at its best.
Last to arrive was the Pig Three-Way, three pig parts piled on a pizza.  Specifically, bacon, sausage and prosciutto decorate the wood-fired mini pizza and the whole pie is topped with ceasar salad.  It’s just enough to add some crunchy texture and convince your inner health nut that hey, it’s practically good for you! Salad on pizza sounds confusing, but somehow it works.
Other favorite dishes of mine are the lobster ravioli ($15), the garlic/rosemary/parmesan fries ($5), spanocopita ($5), and the lamb kibbeh kabobs ($9), to name a few.  All this foodie goodness is served until midnight on weekends and rumor has it that the brunch is amazing.  Eva is my go-to place for a casual, delicious meal no matter what my mood.  I’ve been there before the symphony, between bar-hopping from place to place, and late at night and all have been great times.  It’s definitely a downtown favorite.

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