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Les Madeleines Patisserie & Cafe in downtown Salt Lake City (216 East 500 South, near the downtown library) has out-of-this-world amazing French pastries.  They are gaining national fame for their signature pastry, the kouing aman:  The cafe was mentioned in Food & Wine magazine’s best of SLC, nation-wide foodie newsletter Tasting Table, and featured on the TV show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

I thought a rainy Saturday afternoon was a perfect time to enjoy some French pastry goodness.  The little shop had a pleasant crowd and a coffee shop vibe.  We sat at the window-side bar facing the street and enjoyed a few macarons and, of course, a kouing aman.

Macarons are quickly becoming one of my favorite treats.  Macarons are a mix between a cake and a cookie.  They come in a variety of flavors; we chose the roma (coffee flavor) and the lemon.  They are intensely flavorful but in a subtle way.  Les Madeleines’ macarons are a perfect combination of chewiness and softness that finish in a kind of melting fashion.

And the famous kouing aman, a butter pastry that is crunchy on the outside and flaky on in the inside is almost like a sweeter version of a crescent.  It is a mixture of simple flavors — sweet, savory, a bit salty, and sugary — in the best possible way.  When dissected, the pastry is pretty basic.  But that is why it works:  simply good flavors without distraction.  All I can say, is you have try it for yourself!  But I will warn you:  they are addicting!

We are lucky to have such a great French bakery right in our city.  If you haven’t tried Les Madeleine’s yet, you have got to go see what everyone is raving about!

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