Saison Tasting Menu in San Francisco

I wanted to have an extravagant dinner during my trip to San Francisco to complement the extravagant 15 hours of opera we’d be seeing.  During our first time seeing the Ring Cycle operas in New York, we went to the extremely extravagant, Michelin-rated, world-famous molecular gastronomy restaurant, wd-50.  So we thought we’d try another Michelin rated restaurant on the west coast, Saison.
Saison, San Francisco.
Saison is a tiny restaurant so hidden down an alley and behind another restaurant that even when you are looking for it, it’s easy to miss.  It has an outdoor bar and large doors, making it feel like it’s open air.  For a warm summer evening, it created the perfect atmosphere. Saison exclusively offers a tasting menu, a multiple-course tasting of its entire menu ($148).  The wine pairing ($98) is optional and can be split between two people for an extra $20, which is what we did.  I highly recommend the wine pairing; some combinations really popped with both.
Saison’s menu.
I would love to give you exact descriptions of each course, but unfortunately I don’t remember the details on many of the courses.  All I can tell you is that each and every one was outstanding.  And the pictures much speak for themselves!
Pre-course:  Flat bread with chevre cheese; caviar; champagne.
 Course #1, Canapes: Oyster with butter; radish with fruit and saffron; egg gel and fish roe.
Course #2: Wild spot prawn with raw tail, butter.
Course #3, brassicas: cabbage, greens, quail egg.
Course #4: Lobster tail in cabbage, sea urchin, crab, lemon cream, broth.
Course 6: rabbit foe grois, rabbit broth, fava beans, herbs.
Course #7:  Broiche with cream cheese and almonds.
Course #8: Preserved lemon cream, edible flowers.
Course #9:  Milk chocolate mouse.
Post-course:  popcorn-flavored ice cream.
What an outstanding evening!  I love the journey that food is capable of taking you on, especially during a tasting menu with another person who is eating exactly the same dishes.  Trying to dissect each course is such a fun challenge and really gets your mind thinking.

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  • Oh my goodness, all of the food looks disgusting! LOL! I am SOOOO not a fancy food person and the thought of eating a whole prawn/tiny lobster makes me want to throw up in my mouth right now. Sorry. You’re such a fancy, city girl… I love it!

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