Save Our Banksy Fundraiser with GD Garner

Menu art by GD Garner.
Menu art by GD Garner.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: The Vault at Hotel Monaco is an awesome place to have a drink in downtown Salt Lake City.  It’s especially convenient if you’re heading to a performance across the street at The Capitol Theater.  One of its perks?  I tend to run into the most interesting people there.  For example…

Last month I stopped at the Vault for some whiskey before heading to the opera.  I noticed a man at the bar creating the most amazing drawing.  It was bright and abstract, creatively confusing yet completely compelling.  I tried to get a glimpse of it, but couldn’t get a good view without looking like a creep.

Right before I left, I dropped my purse and the artist teased me for having one too many drinks (I promise I only had one!).  I asked about his drawing and he showed me the most incredible masterpiece–done on the restaurant’s menu.  He told me he was considering moving to Park City so I told him about my blog (shameless self promotion, I know) and he said I might be able to help him with an upcoming project.

Menu art by GD Garner.
Menu art by GD Garner.

GD Garner

The artist was GD Garner, known among celebrities and art-lovers alike for his vibrant drawings inspired by whatever is around him.  His work has been featured on the red carpet of the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Emmys, even Sundance events.  Its made its way onto several TV shows, major films and the homes of several celebrities.  And its easy to see why.

GD spent five years traveling the world, making his way to nearly 70 countries and all seven continents.  He wrote a book on the expedition, but he truly chronicled his experience in his “journals,” hand-made books with pages of leather, canvas, restaurant menus, scraps found on the street and trinkets of all sorts.

The journals are his most prized possession and they are seriously stunning.  He recently gave me the opportunity to flip through one and every page stopped me speechless.  They rarely make it into the public, unless he’s at a private event.  Which brings me to my next point: Banksy.

Art by GD Garner on Silver's menu.
Art by GD Garner on Silver’s menu.

Save Our Banksy

You’ve probably heard of the British street artist known as Banksy, who is as famous for his graffiti as he is for being completely anonymous and pranking the public.  His graffiti often sends a message, whether political or philosophical, and sells for millions of dollars–when it’s painted on places able to sell to the public.

Park City, Utah has several Banksy stamps from when the artist debuted a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010.  Unfortunately, the Banksy graffiti was recently vandalized, prompting local theater and Sundance icon The Egyptian Theater to start the Save Our Banksy Fund.

The Save Our Banksy Fund not only preserves the Banksy art in Park City, it also benefits the Egyptian Theater’s youth theater that was lost to make room for condominiums.  So why am I on an art tangent, you ask?

Art by GD Garner on Silver's menu.
Art by GD Garner on Silver’s menu.

GD Garner + Save Our Banksy Park City Event

GD Garner heard about the Save the Banksy fund and immediately wanted to help.  So an event was created in collaboration with Silver (one of my favorite Park City restaurants), Ruth’s Chris Park City and the Egyptian Theater.  The event is Saturday, November 15, 2014, and there are two places to eat to support the cause.

Lunch at Ruth’s Chris Park City :: Saturday, November 15, 2014, 1-3 pm.  Diners get 2 for 1 entrees, plus a chance to meet GD and see his art.  Ruth’s Chris Park City will donate $1 to the Save Our Banksy for every entree sold, plus every one of GD’s signature cocktail sold (called “the Spicy Garner” with vodka, muddled jalapenos, cucumber and soda water).  GD will also donate $1 for every cocktail.

Cocktail Hour at Silver :: Saturday, November 15, 2014, 5-7 pm.  There will be a live DJ, an art auction of GD’s original art, plus meet the artist himself.  There will be passed appetizers (compliments of Silver) like endive cups, short rib sliders, mini goat pot pies and baccala mantecato.  Silver and GD will each donate $1 for every special cocktail sold–the Scribbler (Benedictine, Apple Jack Brandy, Buffalo Trace, Cocchi Americano and chocolate tincture) and the Paint by Numbers (Milagro Reposado, yellow chartreuse and bell pepper puree).

For those that attend both events, you’ll receive a signed postcard at Ruth’s to take to Silver that doubles as a passport to see GD’s personal journals full of art.  Again, it’s rare that these are ever seen by the public so it’s an awesome opportunity.

Art by GD Garner on Ruth's Chris's menu.
Art by GD Garner on Ruth’s Chris’s menu.

Come support art, drink good cocktails and eat delicious food.  It’s a great excuse to try Ruth’s Chris for lunch (I went last week and it was amazing; proof is here) and Silver’s incredible cuisine for dinner.  See you there!

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