Silver in Park City

Park City is the perfect escape from Salt Lake City.  I always find the 25-minute drive up Parley’s Canyon therapeutic.  Utah’s impressive mountains set the stage for the foliage to show off whatever season it is, whether it be the bursts of fall colors, the monochromatic winter, the subdued spring or the lush greenery of summer.  I missed the display of fall trees last month on my recent drive up the canyon, but what colors remained were still charming, even in their forewarning that winter was well on its way.

The interior of Silver, with its fireplace and blue wine wrack, in Park City, Utah.
Silver’s wine rack casts a blue glow through the restaurant.

My favorite part about Park City is the way being there feels like being out of town.  Maybe that’s thanks to its residents, many of them Utah transplants, or the numerous tourists, or the way it’s the only place to find certain things in Utah, like a whiskey distillery.  And a restaurant that feels like it’s straight out of New York City :: Silver.

The interior of Silver in Park City, Utah.
The decor at Silver is spectacular.

My first taste of Silver was at last year’s Savor the Summit event and I’ve been aching to return ever since.  I was finally able to do that a few weeks ago.  The moment I stepped inside I realized this restaurant is like no other one in Utah.  The decor is striking; silver chains hang from the walls reflecting blue lights that dangle from the ceiling in between large chandeliers.  Glass panels glow, a fireplace burns and the wine rack at the back of the restaurant emits a blue, futuristic light.

A cocktail and drink menu and the pretzel bread at Silver in Park City, Utah.
The pre-dinner cocktail and pretzel bread.

Silver serves modern American cuisine with a Mediterranean flare, meaning with lots of seafood mixed in.  The menu is modest in size but ambitious in selection.  The wine list is monstrous, with bottles reaching towards the $300+ range, but there are also a handful in the $20-$40 range and several affordable by-the-glass options.  The creative cocktail list caught our eye so I started with The Clean Shave ($10), a mix of bourbon, rum and benedictine bitters.  Satisfyingly not too sweet, just like I like it.

The Baby Octopus appetizer at Silver in Park City, Utah.
Baby octopus are cute and tasty!

Our server suggested we start with the Baby Octopus ($12).  The combination of salty olives, savory black potatoes, crispy fennel and meaty octopus was wonderful. The octopus wasn’t too chewy (always a fear of mine when ordering the critters), and everything played together nicely.

Roasted squab and foie gras at Silver in Park City, Utah.
The squab was like heaven.

As soon as I saw The Roasted Squab ($36) on the menu, I knew I had to order it.  One of my favorite types of meat, squab is better known as pigeon.  The dark red meat is tender, juicy and richly flavorful.  Silver’s dish, served with a variety of vegetables, sausage and foie gras, was outstanding.  It was intensely rich in the most rewarding way.

The Hanger Steak at Silver in Park City, Utah.
The steak was classic but satisfying.

My friend ordered the Hanger Steak ($34), another suggestion of the server.  It was a little predictable, but still delicious.  It was served with brussel sprouts, wild mushrooms and fingerling potatoes in a gin mustard sauce.  The steak was cooked with a perfect sear and the mushrooms added a great kick of flavor.

The upstairs of Silver in Park City, Utah.
The upstairs of Silver is cozy and intimate.

There were so many other things on Silver’s menu I wanted to try, like the Crispy Whole Sardines ($12), the Herbed Vegetable Crepe ($19) and the Fig-Wrapped Kurabuta Pork Chop ($29).  The menu changes all the time (it’s even changed since I was there), so when you spot something you want, get there quickly.

The atmosphere, the food and the service were all more-than-memorable at Silver.  It’s well worth the drive up Parley’s Canyon for dinner.  Not only will it feel like you’re out of Utah thanks to the decor, the food will transport you far, far away, too.

Go to Silver for :: a spectacular dinner with deep flavors, paired with wine or creative cocktails, in a dramatically beautiful restaurant.  Notes :: Open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner, although days and times vary depending on the season.  Reservations are available online here.  They also host private parties.

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