SLC Foodie’s Creminelli Class

It may come as a surprise to many people that one of the country’s best salami makers is right here in Salt Lake City.  If you didn’t know that, you need to do two things as soon as possible: first, familiarize yourself with Creminelli Fine Meats, and second, get yourself to Caputo’s to try some as soon as possible.  This stuff is so good Bon Appetite magazine named owner Cristiano Creminelli one of the Tastemakers of 2012–a visionary for his Artisan line of meats.

Salame Milano Involtini, Bresaola & Arugula salad, pancetta.

Last weekend Cristiano Creminelli spoke at a Creminelli tasting class hosted by SLC Foodie, who was responsible for last month’s amazing whiskey and cheese pairing class.  We sampled several of Creminelli’s meats, including the brand new Wild Boar & Whiskey salami (it’s no secret I love when food and whiskey mate with each other), one in an Arugula salad (called the Bresaolo), and one in pastry-like form (a Salame Milano Involtini).

Cristiano Creminelli in front of the class.

As we munched on the meats, Cristiano entertained us with stories of Italy and explained the very hands-on process of creating such flavorful salami.  Some meats require around-the-clock hourly check-ups during the aging process, which required Cristiano to sleep at work when the company first started.  Even today, as his reputation reaches across the country, Cristiano inspects each and every one of his products before it leaves his factory.

The Creminelli family has been in the salami business since the 1600s and, as host Becky said during the class, Cristiano’s passion for an exceptional product is obvious in how good it tastes.

Learn more about future classes by SLC Foodie at SLC Mixers here.

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