Spontaneity is Not My Specialty, Until Now

I am not known for being spontaneous.  I am a cautious over-analyzer–and that’s an understatement.  I talk myself out of doing things considered adventurous so often that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take more spontaneous risks.  Consider that resolution checked off.
Ready, jet set, go! (Via Bippity Boppity Boo.)
I’ve been feeling a little bleh lately and really feeling the urge to take a break from my life.  Even though I’m going to Japan soon, I couldn’t shake the desire for a quick vacation or the craving to be in my favorite place, New York City.  There is something about NYC that recharges my soul, that resets me.  I find peace there… and usually find myself.  (Odd for such a crazy city, I know!)  Suddenly a splash of spontaneity struck and I said to myself, Why not go?
The last time I was in NYC in February 2010.
The last time I was in NYC in February 2010.

So next week I will be returning to my beloved happy place for the 10th time–and this time I get to enjoy the city in solitude, doing whatever I want.  Of course I have tickets to the Metropolitan Opera, which I haven’t been to since The Barber in Seville in February 2010, but the rest of my short trip will be wandering on a whim through the wonderful city.  I can’t wait!

Life is too short to aimlessly dream.  Nothing will change unless you take action to change it, so get out and live life and live for today. :)

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