The Aerie at Snowbird

Last weekend my girlfriends and I decided we needed a night away from the city, so we spent the night at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird.  A quick drive out of the city through the mountains was enough to make us feel like we were on vacation.

The sunset over Salt Lake valley from the top of Snowbird.

While we waited for everyone to arrive, Meagan and I rode the Tram up the mountain just in time for the sunset.  Overlooking the rolling mountains, hearing nothing but the wind, and seeing nothing but wilderness made all the stress from my week fade away.  It was completely peaceful.

Once everyone arrived, we headed to The Aerie for a late-night dinner.  The Aerie is split between a restaurant and lounge side; of course we picked the lounge side.  It’s one of the few restaurants at Snowbird that serves food late, so I expected typical bar food.  But I quickly learned that The Aerie was not your typical mediocre bar grub; it was top-notch food served in a lounge.

The late night menu (served from 9-11 p.m.) was much more reserved then the regular menu.  It  consists mostly of appetizers like edamame, salad and trout cakes, and a small selection of entrees like sandwiches and burgers.  All of us ordered the Aerie Burger, with the exception of Meagan, who ordered the Cheese Steak.  (We must have all been in a very meaty mood!)

Pork belly burger at the Aerie.

The Aerie Burger ($14) came with crisp pork belly and Beehive Cheese Co.’s Seahive Cheddar, plus fries.  As soon as I saw those magical words (pork belly) I knew I had to order it.  And once I bit into the big, burly burger, it was heavenly.  Salty, cheesy and juicy.  One of the best burgers I have had in a long, long time and easily one of the best I’ve had in Utah.

Bourbon + blueberries = a lovely combination.

Along with my burger I ordered the Bourbon & Blueberry cocktail ($10).  My drink of choice is bourbon, but blueberries are not exactly my thing.  After the bartender, Tim, reassured me that this drink would blow me away, I ordered it.  Made with fresh blueberry juice (who knew that existed?), maple syrup and Maker’s Mark, it was a perfectly balanced cocktail.  The blueberry juice added some sweetness while the flavor of bourbon was still obvious and the maple syrup tied everything together as a nice middle ground.  Awesome.

Elk cheese steak at the Aerie.

Meagan’s Cheese Steak ($16) was composed of elk, mushrooms, onions, red peppers and Beehive Cheese Co.’s Promotory Cheddar.  The elk had good flavor (and wasn’t too gamey), especially with the addition of the cheese, and the peppers added good texture.  Meagan said it was amazing.

Our girls’ night at Snowbird was the perfect weekend escape.  Everyone enjoyed the out-of-town feel with the convenience of being so close to home.  We are already planning on booking another night at the Cliff Lodge during the Oktoberfest Beer Festival, which starts August 18th.  Oh, and going back to the Aerie for burgers.

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