Wine Ice Cream?!

I made an amazing discovery last week :: wine ice cream.  Two of my favorite foods have finally been combined into one!  It is made by Mercer’s Dairy in New York.  As the title suggests, it’s made with real wine and contains about 5 percent alcohol.  I even had to show my ID in order to buy it!  Like any great ice cream, there are several flavors to choose from:  Ala Port, Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Red Raspberry Chardonnay,  and Royal White Riesling.
Wine Ice Cream (Photo courtesy of Mercer’s Dairy website.)
This wonderful discovery was made last Friday while on the Gallery Stroll.  The Salt Lake Gallery Stroll takes place on every third Friday of every month.  Local art galleries all around Salt Lake open their doors late into the evening to show off their goods.  Some offer hors d’oeuvres and even wine.  It’s a great chance to spend time outside, check out great art, and surround yourself with other Utahans.  To find participating galleries for the next Gallery Stroll, check out the Gallery Stroll website here.
Anyway, while out and about on the Gallery Stroll, I took a break to check out the new neighborhood grocery store on 200 East and 300 South, called the Broadway Market.  It’s filled with over 50 local products (according to the grocer we talked to), ranging from the delicious Amano chocolate (made in Orem) to local Morgan Valley Lamb.  They also carry hard-to-find products, like (drumroll please), wine ice cream!  In fact, according to the manager, they are the only store in Salt Lake that carries it.  Because of that, and the unpredictability of shipments, their supply of wine ice cream is sporadic at best.  So if you see some, grab it while you can!
Enjoying Mercer’s Dairy wine ice cream.
We thought we better seize our opportunity to try the wine ice cream so we found some plastic spoons and a little bench outside the market.  We chose Royal White Riesling.  It was surprisingly refreshing, with a light taste and subtle flavor.  There was only a hint of a wine taste.  With only 5 percent alcohol, I doubt I could get drunk off of it (thankfully), unless I ate an entire gallon.  But at that point I’d have much more to worry about! I can’t wait to try the other flavors… if I can find them!
Gallery Stroll and wine ice cream :: what a great way to start off the summer!
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