Wine & Painting @ The Paint Mixer

I’m constantly on the lookout for new, unique events going on around town and tend to be drawn toward those that involve some sort of alcohol.  Maybe it’s because we are in Utah, but I’m always shocked when spirits make their way into unconventional settings (like wine at the zoo).  My most recent discovery combines wine and beer with a painting class, with some instruction of both!

The Paint Mixer is located at the bottom of Park City’s Main Street.
The studio is cheerful and brightly lit, perfect for painting!


The Paint Mixer in Park City takes art classes to a new level by offering wine and beer during lessons.  The classes are held several days a week and are taught by a skilled instructor who gives step-by-step instructions to recreate a particular painting.  Meanwhile, students can enjoy wine by the glass or beer by the bottle and receive a little bit of information about what they are drinking at the end of the painting class.

The menu of goodies at the Paint Mixer’s bar.


Last weekend a group of us attended a class to paint Park City’s Main Street.  Everything from the canvas, the brushes, the paint and the aprons are provided by The Paint Mixer for $35/person.  Each glass of wine is $5 (there is one white variety and one red variety available) and Uinta Beers for $4/each.  Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are also available.

Our instructor, Annie, showing us the finished piece.


The classes don’t require any painting expertise or experience and the instructor is so good that our paintings really did resemble the example.  The best part was that everyone’s painting was slightly different from each other, showing everyone’s personal touch.  The classes run 2-3 hours, depending on the painting, and are surprisingly relaxing.

The students hard at work on our Main Street paintings.


The owner said she was inspired to open The Paint Mixer after visiting similar studios in other cities around the country and thought that Utah could use something like it.  I couldn’t agree more!  She said the classes are good for groups and some businesses have even used the classes as team building exercises.  The website makes reserving classes for groups really easy by allowing users to send email links directly from the site to friends to sign up.

Ready to paint (and drink)!

It was such a fun afternoon sipping on wine, listening to music, painting and hanging out that I’m already planning to attend another class in a few weeks.  The hard part is deciding which of the awesome paintings I want to do next!  The calendar of upcoming classes is here.

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