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Braised bacon with maple bourbon glaze at Silver in Park City, Utah.
This mouth-watering bacon was the highlight of our meal.

One of the best meals I’ve experienced this year was at Silver in Park City last month.  And if you follow me on Instagram (I’m @kelli_nak!), you know that I eat a lot so that’s quite the statement.  Not only was the atmosphere and service at Silver spectacular, but the food was outstanding.

The interior of Silver in Park City, Utah.
The decor at Silver is spectacular.

As I mentioned in my full review, Silver’s menu is constantly evolving.  They recently debuted their new menu and invited me to try some of the dishes they’ll be serving throughout the winter.  All I can say is… you don’t want to miss out on this stuff.

Maple Braised Bacon with Chickpeas at Silver in Park City, Utah.
This mouth-watering bacon was the highlight of our meal.

First off, the Braised Bacon with Maple Bourbon Glaze appetizer ($14) stopped my friend and I speechless.  Served with rapini, turnips and garbanzo beans, it was like pork belly on steroids :: juicy, tender and intensely savory.  If I had to pick a last meal before I die, it will be a heaping portion of this.

A taste of the Endive Salad at Silver in Park City.
A taste of the Endive Salad.

If you’re looking for something lighter to start, the Endive Salad ($14) with honey ginger vinaigrette and almond toffee is a good pick.  The bitter endive is shocking at first, until the candy-like almond toffee kicks in to balance it out.  Next time I’d like to try the Steamed Mussels ($14) with Mezcal, lambdouille sausage and cactus; or the Foie Gras and Chicken Liver Mousse ($24) with cranberry mustard (I’m a sucker for foie gras).

The zabuton with mushrooms and sweet potatoes at Silver in Park City.
The zabuton with mushrooms and sweet potatoes.

The winter entrees have a lot of hearty dishes on them, as you’d expect.  My friend ordered the Zabuton ($40), served with sweet potatoes, mushrooms and a demi glace sauce.  The zabuton is a rare cut of beef under the chuck with a lot of marblization (giving it a lot of good flavor).  Chef Carter sears it on all six sides, trapping the juices inside, then throws it in the oven to cook it “low and slow.”

The cobia with brussel sprouts at Silver in Park City.
The cobia with brussels sprouts.

I picked the Cobia ($34), a white fish with a meaty texture and buttery flavor.  Served with brussel sprouts, savory black rice and a dijon mustard sauce, it’s one of the lighter options on the menu but still has a wintery feel to it.  This type of fish is rarely seen on menus because it’s a solitary species that makes it hard to farm but they were able to find a company selling it commercially.  Silver’s manager, Shawn, explained that when fishermen caught a rare cobia, the captain usually kept the random catch for himself.

A taste of Black Garlic Creme Brulee at Silver in Park City.
A taste of Black Garlic Creme Brulee.

Other entrees that caught my eye were the Silver Burger ($18) with whiskey candied bacon and Vermont cheese (I drooled just thinking about that!), the Pork Osso Buco ($32) with kalamata olive mashed potatoes or the Lamb Strip Loin ($36) with mustard potatoes and a pomegranate mint vinaigrette.

Maple Croissant Donut with Candied Cayenne Bacon at Silver in Park City.
Maple Croissant Donut with Candied Cayenne Bacon.

Whatever you do, don’t skip dessert.  The Maple Croissant Donut (you might have heard it called a “Cronut,” $10), is served with maple glaze, candied cayenne bacon and maple ice cream.  I loved the slightly spicy, salty crunches of bacon in between bites of gooey ice cream and maply sweetness.  And it is actually better than it sounds, if you can imagine that.  We also tasted the Black Garlic Creme Brulee ($10) and it’s amazing.  The black garlic gives a salty kick to the creme brulee, keeping it from being overly sugary.

The team at Silver created a wonderful symphony of new dishes for the season that is worth driving up the canyon and battling the ski crowd for.  As an added bonus, you can get out of Salt Lake City’s inversion and breathe some fresh air while you’re at it!  Silver in Park City is open seven nights at week at 5:30 p.m.  Reservations are available here.

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Disclaimer :: I was graciously treated to this meal by Fine Dining Restaurant Group.  As always, all opinions are my own. 

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