President of Women Who Whiskey Chicago Chapter

Kelli Nakagama sipping on High West Whiskey in Chicago.
Sipping on High West whiskey in Chicago. [Photo by Erica Watson Photography.]

I’ve been a “whiskey woman” as long as I can remember, which is way longer than I want to publicly admit! Whiskey has always been my drink of choice, usually neat or on the rocks. So it’s with plenty of excitement that I announce I’m the new President of Women Who Whiskey’s Chicago Chapter.

Women Who Whiskey is a global women’s whiskey club for amateurs and connoisseurs that started in New York City in 2011. It quickly spread to other cities around the country, eventually reaching global status through London, Geneva, Nairobi and Toronto. The goal is for whiskey-loving women to find other whiskey-lovers and to remove the stigma that women don’t drink whiskey. (Because of that, not all of the events are exclusive to women.)

I thought I’d take this opportunity to shamelessly promote Women Who Whiskey Chicago. :)

Women Who Whiskey Chicago Chapter

The new President of Women Who Whiskey's Chicago Chapter!
The new President of Women Who Whiskey’s Chicago Chapter! [Photo by Erica Watson Photography.]

About wWw Chicago Chapter

The Chicago Chapter of Women Who Whiskey started in 2016. When I heard that the first president was no longer with the club, I jumped on board to join my friend and Vice President, Shelley. Our goal is to create a community of whiskey lovers both on and offline. We’ll be throwing whiskey-based events and discussing all things whiskey on social media.

We want to have a wide range of whiskey-related events, from classes on all kinds and regions of whiskey, to pairing and tasting classes, bar crawls, distillery tours, happy hours and more. Plus we’ll have discounts to a lot of the other whiskey events in Chicago.

Women Who Whiskey

How to Join Women Who Whiskey Chicago

If you’re in the Chicago area and enjoy whiskey (or even just curious about it), join us! Most of the events are for women, but there will be several for men, too. The best way is to sign up to our email list at (click on chapters, then Chicago). Or you can connect with us on facebook, instagram or twitter.

If you’re not in Chicago, find out if there’s a chapter in your city here. If there isn’t, consider starting your own!


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